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This course is designed to get you on the road to expanding your fans, followers, increasing your value, your income, and of course becoming a better live streamer
  • Working phone - Stable cellular service and or Wi-Fi / Banking information -Active bank account debit or credit card to cash out earnings as well as making purchases and recharging.
  • You will enhance your content creation skills by learning how to plan and create engaging live streams that resonate with your target audience.
  • Develop a strong foundation by gaining a solid understanding of live streaming etiquette, social media strategies, public speaking techniques, and viewer engagement best practices. This knowledge will provide the groundwork for successful live streaming.
  • Building a loyal fan base by implement effective strategies to attract and retain viewers, cultivating a dedicated fan base.
  • Develop technical proficiency. Acquire the necessary technical skills to set up and live stream using the appropriate equipment and platforms.
  • Learn how to leverage different social media platforms to promote and share your live streams, expanding your reach and attracting new viewers. Develop effective branding and marketing strategies to increase your visibility.
  • Generate potential income. Explore various monetization strategies available to live streamers, such as brand sponsorships, affiliate marketing, merchandise sales, and viewer tips/donations. By building a loyal fan base and creating quality content, you can unlock potential revenue opportunities.
  • Develop personal and professional skills. Enhance your public speaking abilities, communication skills, and overall presentation. Boost your confidence to engage with a wide range of viewers and handle challenging situations effectively.
  • Stay informed about industry trends. Gain insights into the history and evolution of live streaming, and stay ahead of emerging trends and technologies that may shape its future. Adapt to changes in the industry by embracing innovation and continuously learning and experimenting with new formats or platforms.